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Plants: Southern Magnolia Tree
GIFT #7665

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Southern Magnolia Tree

A unique and elegant gift for any special occasion.

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    The magnificent magnolia tree is known for its deep green leaves and large, fragrant flowers. Beautiful to behold and easy to care for, a magnolia tree is a truly special gift with lasting meaning and value.

    Each 18" to 24" seedling comes covered in 100% natural jute with a set of care instructions, small watering tool, and gift card.

    Grown with great care by one of the country's most prominent magnolia nurseries.

    Gift #7665
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    September 24, 2016
    Simply Wonderful!
    I am getting ready to order my 5th tree! My expectations have been exceeded each and every time. They all have arrived before the expected delivery date and have been incredibly well received. I love being able to come back to this company for quality service and a quality product at a great price!